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MPA CANDIDATES CAUCUS NETWORK rolls out at Breeze's on Reservoir

INTRODUCTION of MPA Candidates Caucus Network
October 17, 2017
BREEZE'S, 340 W. Reservoir, was the launching pad for MPA Candidates Caucus NETWORK.

MPA Candidates Caucus Network is a hands-on Development arm of Milwaukee Professionals Association LLC and the All Hands on Deck, We Can Initiative.  Its purpose is to train, promote and support candidates in the 2016 Election - executive, legislative and municipal branches.  
October 17, 2015 - Candidates of Districts 2, 7. 9 and Mayor 
The 8 Candidates for 2016 present were:
  • PATRICK W. CASE - Candidate, Mayor
  • JACKIE CLARK - Candidate, Alderwoman District 2
  • RANDY JONES - Candidate, Alderman District 7
  • SHERMAN MORTON - Candidate, Alderman District 2
  • SEAN MUHAMMAD - Candidate, Alderman District 15
  • LARRESA TAYLOR - Candidate, Alderwoman District 2
  • JOHN WALLACE - Candidate, Alderman District 9
  • TEMEKA WILLIAMS - Candidate, Alderwoman District 7
Thoughts shared by candidates.
One of the prevailing thoughts discussed was the HOPE and survival of the children in Milwaukee.  

Candidate John Wallace, District 9, as part of his ending remarks recited the first verse of the Greatest Love of All:
I believe the children are our future
Teach them well and let them lead the way
Show them all the beauty they possess inside
Give them a sense of pride to make it easier
Let the children's laughter remind us how we used to be

Candidate Sean Muhammed, District 15, shared support for building Education in Milwaukee.  His support for Education in Milwaukee came while he was living in California.  He saw the despair given in a data report regarding the lack of achievement.  He is a Milwaukee Public School teacher and works with students.  He came to the meeting after a day as a coach.

Candidate Jackie Clark, District 2, spoke of her excitement and appreciation of the formation of MPA Candidates Caucus Network and looked forward to its support to make a difference.

Candidate Sherman Morton, District 2, spoke of his experience and interaction with the district as an assistant of Alderman Joe Davis.  He emailed that the meeting was worth the visit.

Candidate Patrick Case, Mayor, a citizen from the south side, ex-staffer of Milwaukee and running for the CEO position of Milwaukee, spoke of his desire to speak with others all over Milwaukee and build a coalition to improve the conditions in Milwaukee.  The meeting allowed the exchange and he looked forward to others.

Candidate Temeka Williams, District 7, spoke of her candidacy and her focus on Homelessness.  She shared that after the meeting, she would be working overnight in a Homeless effort.

Candidate Laressa Taylor, District 2, attended the meeting to hear about what the network offered.  She brought a supporter of her candidacy and long-time friend since 6th grade.

Candidate Randy Jones, District 7, spoke of his displeasure of how quality of life and economic development is so lacking in his district and his pursuit to make immediate and specific changes.

In addition to the candidates and two supporters was Minister Bonnie Melvin - MPA CCN District 4 Strategist. 

She spoke of her support of MPA CCN, the importance of training and including the heads of household of all candidates in the pursuit of winning.  The way to foster "trust" with the voters is through accountability of the candidates.

Bishop Muhammed was present to support Jackie Clark.  He spoke of the importance of the candidates, "Keeping it Real", and saying what they mean and doing the same.

The host site is owned by Ms. Nancy.
She asked the candidates how they will get their message to the voters?  How the voters will see their plan?

Mary Glass shared that this is one of main and many strategies that will be the commitment of MPA Candidates Caucus Network.


MPA LLC thanks Ms. Nancy, Ms. Bonnie, the supporters of the candidates and the 8 candidates for their investment of time and ideas for the betterment of their city.

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