Thursday, December 17, 2015

SIX (6) Unique Candidates with 6 Unique Approaches to Provide Hope, Inspiration & TRUST

L-R:  Candidate Andrew Shaw - Alderman Dist. 4; Candidate Jackie Clark-Ivy - Alderwoman Dist. 2; Candidate James Methu - Mayor; Candidate Majungaray Watts - Alderwoman District 6; Candidate Bianca Williams - Alderwoman District 15; Candidate Randy Jones - Alderman District 7
Milwaukee Professionals Association LLC is pleased to work with talent that stand for what is appropriate and will EMPOWER the district and city-wide for those they will represent.

Stay tuned.

Congratulations Candidate Majungaray Watts for 6th District Alderwoman - A Master's Degree

December 17, 2015
Congratulations Candidate Majungaray Watts, Alderwoman, 6th District, on completion of your Master's Degree today.

MPA Candidates Caucus Network

December 17, 2015

Hi Everybody1

MPA Candidates Caucus Network offers member candidates support with their candidacy through training, coaching, competitiveness and networking.  We are non-partisan.


Each candidate is responsible for his/her brand and image on the merits of their engagement of the public square.

MPA CC Network seeks a NEW BREED of candidates that promotes HOPE - the spark that is often missing at the census tract level in lifestyle, quality of life and economic development.

MPA CC Network will endorse candidates for the April 5, 2016 election.

Join us.

Tuesday, December 15, 2015

2016 Voting 2016 - Full-Court Press...

December 15, 2015
MPA LLC is looking at those Elected in the Executive, Legislative and Judicial areas for 2016.
Highest Incarceration Rate
The city of Milwaukee and county of Milwaukee is the primary focus of regard for "who is running" for the various positions.
Given the Incarceration labels of the city of Milwaukee and Milwaukee County - the death of Dontre Hamilton and other People of Color, behavior of DAs, representation of public defenders, quick plea agreements based on quick moment of the court rather than truth, unclear orders from judges that is injurious and beyond necessity, we are especially interested in who is making the SENTENCING - "Judges".
Some benchmarks are:
  • What judges are facing as it relates to trials, evidence at trial, their understanding of the case, their experience of law, and issues of a case as presented in the court?
  • The bias and belief of officers and the DA office without proof.
  • The presentation of both the Office of the Public Defender's office and the Office of the District Attorney County.
  • The validity of evidence that comes from the Clerk's office.
  • The failure of the Chief Judge to provide due diligence when complaints are submitted.
  • The limitations and lack of understanding of the "jurors" that have not a clue and too often come with wanting to do well but are given misrepresentation of the facts, lack of facts and lack of due diligence by those responsible to providing the case (s) in a non-arbitrary fashion. Therefore, they do not do the job they are summoned to do - DUE PROCESS.
  • WE must look at backgrounds of Judges. Look at body of training. Look at the culture and background from whence they come.
Look at the appointment process and where they come from - i.e., where they live, work as an attorney, evolving from the DA office and then right in the position of judge - with the hint of depending on their past colleague - DA office - to provide the truth and believing the word of the DA without question.
We MUST do a better job in the judicial branch of government - WI Supreme Court, Appeal, Circuit level and Municipal. We definitely need to address Truth and Sentencing - 3-strikes - Marijuana and use of drugs. In the Supreme court, we must look at the scandals and how money, party-politics, and ideology is like a train wreck - yet these are the folk that are our highest office of interpretation of law for justice.
Lastly, often we see Endorsements of law enforcement groups for judges running for office. Given the culpability and wrongful behavior that is more and more brought to the public in mass against law enforcement officers - outright murder - institutional racism - continually hiding evidence (i.e., Chicago), We the People, must remind the candidates running for office, that the posting of these groups - in itself - may be a reason for NOT voting for them.
Voting Panel
Moreover, that they should be coming before the People and getting an Endorsement based on their qualifications - knowledge of laws, practices as a jurist, work in People of Color areas (majority of population in city of Milwaukee - highest population sent to prison - highest population of Enduring Concentrated Poverty), opinions in new laws and approaches.

Judges MUST be part of the SOLUTION.

Here are the candidates of Branches 5, 14, 25, 31, 34, 44 & 45. They are:
- GLENN YAMAHIRO - Branch 34
- GWEN CONNALY - Branch 44
- HANNAH DUGAN - Branch 44
- JEAN KIES - Branch 45

Tuesday, December 8, 2015


Today is Tuesday, December 8, 2015 - DAY 70 before February 16, 2015 - MPA LLC sends a shout out to "on task" focus of Candidate Verona Swanigan - Milwaukee County DA, Candidate James Methu - Mayor, Candidate Jackie Clark Ivy - District 2, Candidate Andrew Shaw - District 4, Candidate Majungaray Watts - District 6, and Candidate Randy Jones - District 7.
All Hands on Deck - Securing a position on the ballot started Tuesday, December 1, 2015.

In the 15th District, we have at the table Candidate Bianca Williams.
Stay tuned for her outreach to the neighborhoods OF THE 15th District for INCLUSIVENESS in focus groups, SATURDAY TALKS and messages.