Tuesday, May 31, 2016

As a Member of Candidates Caucus

MAY 31, 2016

As a member of Milwaukee Professionals Association LLC sponsored CANDIDATES CAUCUS, you are part of two (2) groups of individuals from the neighborhood-community pool of citizenry in the city of Milwaukee and its Milwaukee County.  

The two groups are:  
  1. a self-appointed and concerned Peoples’ group representing one of the 15 districts in the city of Milwaukee, and 
  2. an individual from the citizenry that chooses to run for “elected” office. 

Peoples' Council - Milwaukee
Members of the Peoples' Council are residential and commercial representatives that live and/or work within one of the 15 districts of the city of Milwaukee and concerned about the growth of the largest city in Wisconsin that is the gateway for Wisconsin and who is mired in Enduring Concentrated Poverty.

Candidates for Office
Individuals - especially Millennials and seasoned individuals are welcomed to step up and forge a campaign to change the lock-step and do-nothing atmosphere in the public square.

We just completed a city of Milwaukee run with 6 candidates that joined CC and fought hard and learned a lot about the specifics of an election process.  They were:
  • JAMES METHU - Mayor
  • JACKIE IVY - Alderwoman District 2
  • ANDREW SHAW - Alderman District 4
  • MAJUNGARAY WATTS - Alderwoman District 6
  • RANDY JONES - Alderman District 7
  • BIANCA WILLIAMS - Alderwoman District 15 

We also have two (2) candidates for the August Election.  They are:
  • VERONA SWANIGAN - Milwaukee County District Attorney
  • MARCUS HART - Representative District 17 

This is a newly formed group in 2015 to address first-hand the inclusion of issues and candidates that seek inclusiveness of education and engagement of the citizenry in their solutions to quality of life and economic development.

We provide a self-help and fellowship format.

Candidates Caucus is a non-partisan group that serves the public interest by fostering engagements that are innovative, with safety in mind and implementing Inclusiveness for all Milwaukeeans in its leadership and stewardship – especially African American, other People of Color and Work Challenged (un- and under-employed, un- and under-financed businesses, disabled, re-entry from incarceration, war, retirement and degreed individuals with high education debt and low-income).

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