Monday, October 12, 2015

About Us

The 2015-2016 People Platform Network of the City of Milwaukee is a statement of our ideology and what we are committed to achieving.  This statement is a visible reminder of the 21st Century need and asserted actions for everyday INCLUSION in public policies and social justice of People of Color and Work Challenged individuals of Milwaukee. 

We seek to call-out, engage and elect individuals of the 3 branches of government - executive, legislative and judicial - for 2016 election - in the city, county, state and national government that are committed to their Oath of Office and U.S. Constitution.

We demand that those we support represent in mindset and outreach of office be to the families, heads of households (disabled,  re-entry incarceration and war) and their children, hidden talent and vetted businesses at the census tract and neighborhood level of Milwaukee. 

We seek and support individuals that equally understand the burden on the day-to-day quality of life and economic development of the People of Milwaukee, especially African American, other People of Color and Work Challenged remain grave as long as Enduring Concentrated Poverty is perpetuated by behavior of elected-appointed-hired and donor-for-hire government representatives.

We look at existing disrespect, misuse of power,  discrimination, lack of due process, conflict of interest, cronyism, monopoly-oligopoly takeover, misuse of power and disenfranchisement of the People through misuse of assets and resources of the city of Milwaukee; especially all taxes, federal funding and use of the city coffers.

We seek NEW faces and NEW commitments that is followed by a workable plan that will help the Infrastructure of Milwaukee and help ensure quality of life (affordable housing, education attainment, gainful employment, health care, mental and dental health care, information technology, JUSTICE IN THE COURTS,  clean water, entertainment, art appreciation and safety matters) and economic development (increased employment opportunities, access and use of technologies, career options and wealth building).  

     We oppose the StreetCar project, NBA Bucks Mega Greed Deal,  Outsourcing of Milwaukee jobs, employment and NON-Inclusiveness of the CORE CONSTITUENTS - African American, other People of Color and Work Challenged Milwaukeeans.

    We seek "candidates" who understand and face the issue of "RACE" and by-design Discrimination, two of the main reasons for Milwaukee's Tale of Two Cities - Caucasians vs People of Color, Haves vs Have-Nots, and/or Caucasians vs majority population of Milwaukee.

      We oppose incumbents who:

    • have failed to visit their districts and created a                     leadership, stewardship, fellowship, citizenship and             customer service relationship.
    • fail to listen to their constituents.
    • voted on issues that are/were not in the best interest of         their constituents - EVERYBODY in Milwaukee.
    • have not done homework.
    • seen on committee city videos to be asleep, nodding,           playing with Iphones and tablets - or ABSENT.
    • failure to respond to telephone calls and surveys for             better government of the city of Milwaukee.
    • missing in action of VOTING during committee                   meetings.
    • misuse of power, cronyism and lack of knowledge of           laws affecting making decisions of licenses,                         neighborhood property, strategic planning, and garden         lots to name a few.
    • untrained elected and hired representatives in offices           - unable to handle customer service.
    • representatives and staff not available during office             hours, often out and fail to respond to call (s).
    • elected representative failure to accept invitation for           neighborhood meetings.
    • elected representative conflict of interest and                       cronyism.
    • failure to get guidance from constituents as to                       direction of decision making and needs of the district           and city.
    • disrespect, misrepresentation of the facts and                       dictatory responses by elected officials and their staff.
MPA - Milwaukee Professionals Association LLC has the responsibility of exploiting all of the internet opportunities to drive the success of this network and we start with our "About us" introduction on the newly created MPA CANDIDATES CAUCUS Network website.  


POB 510602, Milwaukee, WI  53203

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